Parodies Awaken 2 (2016)

Parodies Awaken 2 (2016)

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Synopsis: Gotham’s underbelly seethes with Lex Luthor and his vile schemes. Can Harley Quinn and Deadshot cooperate long enough to catch him out?! As Rey and her friends are trying to escape from Starkiller Base, Rey gets caught and interrogated by Kylo Ren. Black Widow has to pick sides as the feud between Captain America and Iron Man heats up. Jessa and Charles present their unique massager to the Spank Tank panel, but one of the judges says Jessa’s using it wrong and has to personally demonstrate the REAL function of their product. When politician George Steele gets caught with an escort, a fixer is sent in to manage the fallout of his election campaign, with unexpected consequences.

Title..........: Parodies Awaken 2 (2016)
Other Titles...: Parodias Ardientes 2
Release date...: 20 December 2016
Language.......: English
Studio.........: Digital Playground
Scene..........: 1/1
Screenshot.....: View
Container......: mp4
Audio codec....: AAC, 128 Kbps
Resolution.....: 360p || 480p
File Size......: 557mb || 1.2gb
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Duration: 170 Min
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